Christine Bresnahan

Come in and find out a little more about Linux, Python, and me. This site is dedicated to my students and those who want to learn.




I would like to thank the following people.....

Tonya Wittig Photography

Tonya Wittig Photography

My students at Ivy Tech Community College who keep me on my toes; ask incredible questions; and teach me lots of new things everyday. It is truly joyful to be part of their lives.

Rich Blum who is a dear family friend; one of the nicest and smartest people I know; and who brought me into all this writing business.

My agent, Carole Jelen of Jelen Publishing, who has been absolutely invaluable in my professional life.

Tonya Wittig of TonyaWittig Photography for all the great photographs of me (and Tux)!

Brooke Billing, a young talented photographer, who provided the wonderful pictures for the Linux Study Sheets page.

Last, but not family. They never stop supporting me on all my crazy endeavors. I am truly blessed.